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Design your own perfume brand –

PERFUME id – your one shop stop.  We advise in all phases in the perfume development process : from concept, perfume creation, bottle design, packaging, maturation, maceration, filling and packing. We do retail lines, company promotions, VIP gifts, hotel amenities, designer lines, celebrity perfumes, you name it.

Perfumes are created based on the concept and consequently evaluated with the client. You can choose from Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette, Cologne or pure Perfume Oil

We have a large choice of perfume bottles: glass, aluminium, sprays. We organise labels, serigraphie, cellophanage, gift boxes, gift bags. For more information or product ideas, please contact us.


perfumeLAB is all about scent and sentiment. Exceptional fragrances with extra natural essential oils that give you a little boost of energy, calmness, confidence,  tenderness or sensual Ohlala.. Your own little perfume lab.

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Perfume Bar

Perfume Bar. Provides you the unique opportunity to create your very own perfume.

High quality compositions and ingredients with expert advice. A unique experience.

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