The Ultimate Scent Designers

PERFUME id. is a fragrance company with its base in the South of France, near Grasse – the capital of perfumery. We work with high end perfumers and offer fine fragrance perfumery as well natural & organic blends. We are specialised in scent marketing and create customised ambiance fragrances for luxury hotels, banks, airlines, retail chains, fitness chains and spas. Fragrances are diffused through sprays, reeds or electrical diffusers.

Our brand Parfums d’Hotel are luxury fragrances created by the top perfumer Pierre Bourdon.

Our private label service caters for small to large production runs of Eau de Parfums, Eau de Toilette, Scented candles and we offer bespoke personal perfumes for individuals with our exclusive Perfume Bar.

For events we supply promotional perfumes, POS scented material, as well as perfume creation kits for team building events.

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