Scent Identity

At PERFUME id , we are experts in Scent Marketing– adding the scent dimension to reinforce a brand.  Research shows that our emotions are strongly generated by what we smell. Diffusing the right fragrance will

  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Increase perception of quality
  • More time spent on location
  • Increase buying pattern
  • Improves well-being
  • More impulse buying
  • Increase brand recognition

We help clients to create the sensory component required to complete their branding. Scent identities can be diffused through sprays, electrical diffusers, reeds and many more innovative tools.

Parfums d’Hôtel

Parfums de Hotel are luxury atmosphere fragrances especially designed to match different interiors. Our exclusive perfumes have been created by Pierre Bourdon, one of the world’s greatest fine fragrance perfumers.  Diffusion is possible through roomsprays, reed diffusers, perfumed objects and electrical diffusers.

The sensory touch

Air Vitalisation

The quality of the air we breathe has great influence on the quality of our lives. Scientists have proven that scents in the air influence our behaviour and well being. Studies with brain wave frequency have shown that smelling lavender increases alpha waves in the back of our heads, which are associated with relaxation or that the smell of jasmine increases beta waves in the front of our heads, which are associated with a more alert state.

PERFUME id. is specialised in natural and organic perfumery; working closely with GRASSE perfumers, we are able to constantly innovate and introduce new organic blends which are evocative, high quality and therapeutic. PERFUME id. can create personalised 100% natural Scent Identities or we can provide you with existing natural blends designed for hospitals, waiting rooms, clinics, hotels, offices, airlines, fitness centres, etc.

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